21 September 2021

Bord Bia National Potato Day Campaign 2021

Bord Bia’s National Potato Day on Friday, October 1st is an annual celebration of the much-loved potato and its contribution to the Irish diet and culture.

This year Bord Bia is showing consumers that when it comes to delicious meals; “it all starts with potatoes”Whether it’s a warming potato curry after a hike, a nutritious potato salad after yoga or a shepard’s pie for a mid-week family meal, potatoes can suit all lifestyles.

We’ve enlisted four ambassadors to showcase how they’ll be enjoying potatoes this National Potato Day: 

1.    Leading Performance Nutritionist Daniel Davey on how potatoes fuel his sports performance and recovery.

2.    Chef Kwanghi Chan will show us how he uses potatoes in a range of cuisines, as well as its benefits as an ingredient that is easy and quick to cook with.

3.    Sarah Battle (@Housebythewhitethorns) will show us how potatoes are a staple food enjoyed by the entire family in her household.

4.    Outdoor enthusiast Rachel Purcell on how she enjoys potatoes during her favourite outdoor activities.